Transforming Play: The Gore Street Turf Project

Crafting Active Spaces: A Backyard Designed for Family Fun

Meet the Gore Street Project: Shades of Green's pioneering venture into the realm of large turf installations, a testament to our commitment to meeting our clients' unique needs. Spearheaded by Luke, this project embarked on a mission to convert a once neglected backyard into a vibrant play paradise. From clearing the old to laying down a vast concrete pad and synthetic turf, every step was methodically planned to ensure a durable and versatile outdoor area. This wasn't just about installing turf; it was about creating a year-round playground for a family's children to enjoy sports, games, and even a winter hockey rink. Witness the transformation from unusable to unbelievable, a journey of turning dreams into durable, dynamic spaces.

Before Shades of Green intervened, the backyard was a quagmire of mud and weeds, hardly a place where children could play. The vision? A multi-purpose, all-weather play area that could adapt to the active lifestyle of a young family. The solution involved an intricate process of excavation, gravel laying for proper drainage, and the expert installation of high-quality synthetic turf by Classic Landscape Lighting. Beyond just aesthetics, this project was a deep dive into functionality, providing a safe, clean, and maintenance-free space that encourages kids to play outdoors. From the concept to completion, the Gore Street Project stands as a beacon of innovation in family-centric outdoor design, ensuring endless fun and activity regardless of the season.