The Kingston Eastside Transformation: Crafting an Accessible Outdoor Haven

Innovating Space and Sustainability in Modern Landscaping

At the heart of Kingston's east side, our team embarked on a groundbreaking project, transforming a blank canvas of a newly built home into a sprawling 1000ft² patio paradise. Crafted from large blue grand slabs bordered by onyx black soldier courses, the design promises to be a stunning centerpiece of outdoor living. This project is a testament to thoughtful planning and execution, emphasizing seamless accessibility with a slab-on-grade construction that eliminates steps, ensuring ease of movement throughout. A crucial aspect of our work is the innovative water management system, employing guillotine limestone chunks to form a retaining wall that masterfully redirects water flow away from the property, safeguarding the home against the elements while enhancing the landscape's natural beauty.

A month into the transformation, our focus on drainage efficiency and aesthetic refinement has brought to life a unique outdoor feature - a fire pit crafted from natural flagstone and an inventive reuse of a metal pole from an old propane tank, creating a recessed fire pit that is as functional as it is intriguing. The landscaping journey extends beyond construction, diving into the art of tree planting with precision to ensure their health and longevity, guided by the latest arboricultural research. Our approach to plant layout is equally thorough, favoring a palette of greenery over color, with a preference for ornamental grasses and evergreen plants. At Shades of Green, our expertise is rooted in hands-on experience and a deep understanding of plant growth over time, showcasing our commitment to creating landscapes that thrive and transform spaces into enduring sanctuaries of natural beauty and practicality.