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Give new meaning to the term “environmentally conscious” with permeable pavers that are as eye-catching as they are eco-friendly. With all the desirable features of traditional pavers, plus the added functionality of effective surface water management, permeable pavers are a rock solid way to treat your home environment to an elegant upgrade while keeping the grander environment in mind.


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Shades Of Green Considers

  • Material selection that fits your style and budget.
  • Permeability for Rainwater, and proper drainage.
  • Permeable Paving material.
  • Use of the space.
  • Functionality and the space flows with the overall design of your property.
  • Application of engineering principals - It’s built to last!
Permeable Sustainable Pavers


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Permeable Pavers are sustainable

Permeable pavers were designed to allow for proper percolation of surface water into the ground; reducing
the risk and severity of flooding, eliminating puddles, speeding up the melting process of snow, reducing winter hazards and cost-savings on de-icing salt and snow removal.