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Flagstone or Precast Paver Patios, Steps, Walkways and more…

A new flagstone patio is a great way to add beauty and usability to your property and outdoor living spaces. The wide array of colors and patterns available makes customized design possible for any type of courtyard, patio, steps, and walkways. A flagstone patio will give your landscape a natural rustic feeling while also maintaining the practicality you are looking for in a sitting area.


Poolside Patio

This poolside went from a not so functional lawn, to a crisp, eye catching walkway and patio lounge area- check it out! Our Nature. Your Space. #goshadesofgreen

Posted by Shades of Green Landscapes on Monday, January 8, 2018

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Shades Of Green Considers

  • Material selection that fits your style and budget.
  • Precast Pavers, Natural limestone flagstone, decking, gravel or pebbles.
  • Use of the space.
  • Functionality and the space flows with the overall design of your property.
  • Permeability for Rainwater, and proper drainage.
  • Application of engineering principals - It’s built to last!


Natural Stone Pavers Kingston

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The sense of a welcoming destination, an invitation to explore, the curb appeal and the functionality are just enough to consider walkways, steps, and patio landscaping.