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    Biodiversity. Sustainability. Harmony.

    It's in 'Our Nature' to create a natural setting in 'Your Space'.

Landscape Designs

Shades of Green specializes in the creation of custom residential and commercial landscapes that address the unique challenges posed by the local climate, varied terrain and architectural constraints.


With an outlook on biodiversity (biological diversity) and sustainability we plan and design to maintain the health of the earth and its habitants in order to create an outdoor sustainable living space. If an ecosystem is able to maintain its structure and function over time in the face of external stress, it is said to be sustainable.


Landscape Design is both an art form and a science; Shades of Green would love the opportunity to create a peaceful oasis in your back yard and beyond.


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Your Space

It's in 'Our Nature' to create a natural setting in 'Your Space'.


Design / Build Process


Unique and Visionary landscape design in collaboration with the environment and you. 'Your Space' in unison with Mother Nature.