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Natural Retaining Walls & Landscape Terracing

Retaining wall design and installation offers an attractive solution to the challenge of unstable and/or sloped terrains. We specialize in precast and natural stone retaining walls. Using the right materials and applying our tried and true engineering principals will ensure your wall system will be built to last.


Retaining walls are designed to prevent soil erosion and landslides, but they can also extend the square footage of your yard/garden, transforming constrained nooks into welcoming spaces suitable for relaxing, entertaining or simply being. This is known as landscape terracing. The space created by a landscape terracing can be used to create (or expand) a patio, path, garden, deck, driveway or any construction that requires a flat surface.


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Shades Of Green Considers

Design, Safety, Sustainability part of which include:

  • Site conditions.
  • Site accessibility.
  • Material selection to fit your style and budget.
  • Aesthetics- natural, formal or modern look?
  • Necessary engineering drawings if applicable.
  • Safety and building code requirments.
  • Applying engineering principals.
  • We specialize in the use of rocks such as limestone, granite and precast wall system products.


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