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Landscape Restoration

All landscapes need maintenance. We offer restoration services to have your landscape looking fresh and new.

Are there uneven gapped pavers, patio leaning towards home causing rainwater to slowly erode foundation, plants growing in-between gaps? It's not the end of the world! Shades of Green will level pavers, support retaining walls, rebuild features, and if desired, extend your restored landscape to a new path.


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Home Construction Restoration

Have you had recent construction take place at your home such as an addition? Call us and we can help implement a restoration plan to properly restore the landscape to full use before the project starts as this requires planning and phasing during the construction itself.

Biodiversity. Sustainability.

Mulch can increase biodiversity in your yard by giving a variety of insects and other tiny creatures homes and shelter, such as earthworms who continue the process of improving soil structure. Certain types of mulch can also help repel ticks, gnats and fleas.