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    'Your Space' begins with connecting with the natural world.

Planting Design & Installation

Our educated team of designers and horticulturalists can recommend the best plants for you. We consider site conditions like soil quality, moisture levels, and climatic conditions, and will select plants that will thrive while achieving your desired garden style.


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Shades Of Green Considers

  • Existing environmental conditions like prevailing winds, exposure to sun or shade, and soil conditions.
  • Layered planting techniques.
  • Color and Seasonal Interest.
  • Establishing a style that suits you and your space. Natural or formal planting design or something in between!
  • Low maintenance planting selections.
  • Drought tolerant plantings designs.
  • Establishing a Theme.
  • Color and Seasonal Interest.
  • Design in Layers.
  • Group your Plantings.
  • View Sheds.



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Nurture of Nature

A theory known as biophilia states that humans have a natural affinity for things that are alive and in nature. Exposure to the environment has numerous benefits, including psychological, physiological, spiritual, and ethical improvements. At Shades Of Green it is our vision and mission to connect you with mother nature right at home.